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Remove 'red eye' automatically
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19 July 2007

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Showcasing tons of photographs over social networks like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter is a passion for many of us as we pour our whole world onto the computer system and the internet for our friends to see and comment on. Since digital photographs are the most commonly used and most preferred medium to be uploaded onto the web as digital photography can work in multiple formats like JPEG, JPG, BMP and GIFF and is also flexible in terms of image manipulations and specific adjustments that might be necessary. However, digital imagery is not free from its share of problems; the biggest and most common error that it faces is the red eye problem that makes normal looking images seem ghost like owing to the red appearance of the eyes. STOIK RedEye Autofix 3.0 is a utility that helps in removal of this fixture.

STOIK RedEye Autofix opens with a neat looking interface with the main options placed at the top pane and the main screen displaying the image with the red eye problem that looks like an eye sore to a perfect photograph. The program is intuitive enough to automatically detect and correct the red eye feature and can work easily in fully automatic or high precision semi-automatic mode. It preserves the EXIF information and the original quality of the image and effectively erases the red eye automatically and contains a few buttons to apply the red eye filter. The steps to remove the red eye are very simple to operate and can even work on photos in a batch mode that proves its enhanced workability and user friendly interface.

To conclude, STOIK RedEye Autofix 3.0 certainly proves to be an exclusive and wondrous utility that works for easily detecting and removing red eye from digital images and hence gets a rating of three points.

Publisher's description

FEATURES - Automatically detects and corrects 'red eye' in photos. - Works in fully automatic or high precision semi-automatic mode. - Processes photos one-by-one or in batches. - Shell integration - Right-click on any photo or multiple selected photos on PC or camera and choose 'Remove Red Eye' option. - Preserves EXIF information. CORRECT PHOTOS ONE BY ONE Thanks to the fully automatic 'red eye' removal algorithm, the interface of the program is very simple - you have just few necessary buttons to open, save, view, zoom and pan photos, one 'Remove' button to apply 'red eye' removal filter, buttons for Undo/Redo and for moving to next or previous image in folder, and Select button which is used for high precision manual processing. The operation is very simple - click Open to load photo, click Remove to correct 'red eye', then click Save, and if necessary, click Next button to load next image file from the folder. MANUAL MODE When red eye defect is less prominent and program fails to detect in automatic mode use Select button and draw selection around each 'red eye', then click Remove. CORRECT MULTIPLE PHOTOS AT ONCE After installation of STOIK RedEye Autofix the two additional entries will appear in context menu of Windows Explorer. Right-click the image file on your computer or attached camera and choose the new command which will run STOIK RedEye Autofix behind the scenes: - Fix 'red eye' and save copy - Will process file (or multiple selected files) without opening the STOIK RedEye Autofix in fully automatic mode and save processed copies in separate files with the name like <OriginalName_RedEyesRemoved.jpg>. The file format and EXIF information of original file(s) are preserved
STOIK RedEye Autofix
STOIK RedEye Autofix
Version 3.0
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